About Damalli


"Our garments are handmade for everyday, all around comfort wear - with a focus on soft quality feel and gender-neutral color fabrics that are versatile."

The brand was named after my two children's middle names (DAMien + ALLIson = DAMALLI) as a reminder of why I'm doing this. The name Damalli also means "beautiful vision" in Arabic. It is the perfect name for me, as it represents my kids and my vision for our future, which will be beautiful one day!

A little back story on how it all got started......

My brand was established in the fall of 2014.

During that time, I was working full time in the laboratory at a Blood Center, processing donor's blood. I would try to balance work, being a mom and my small business every single day. I'd get in 2-3 hrs of sleep at night and that was okay. I had this drive in me to become a successful entrepreneur.

I made the decision to quit my job in 2015, not because my business was taking off fast. It was because my dad's health was deteriorating. He had Alzheimer, along with other health issues. It wasn't a tough choice for me make, quitting my job. Yes, I knew that I would be financially struggling if I quit. I had 2 kids to support but my mom and dad needed me more than ever. I couldn't let my mom do it alone and I knew in my heart, God will guide me through the difficult journey ahead.

 We are so humbled and grateful for every purchase, love and comment that you've given us. Each piece is created by me from our home in California. We appreciate you guys for supporting us through our journey.


With love,
Margaret B.
PS this little guy is new to the family. My baby, Marktuchtāt, born September 8th, 2017. He is now our baby model, on days that he cooperates. lol